Get in touch with the tools UType will offer

Real Time Data Analysis

By using the UType online application you will work on a document online. The mechanic is intuitive and similar to Google Docs, Word or Open Office. However, UType will measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) towards your writing style. We give you answers on questions when you are writing most efficient and compare your data across all other users of UType. In this way we will benchmark your current performance and provide you with recommendations how to improve your writing. Furthermore, all key figures will be provided to you via a dashboard which gives an real time impression of your performance. 

Directive Help to Improve your Work and Writing

We will support your writing with several tools you may find helpful. First, citations are easily to integrate via copy a hyperlink of an online source. Utype will fit your reference automatically to your prefered citation style. Second, you can save several drafts and compare them via a fixed split screen mode (up to three drafts on one display). Third, you can activate a creative writing mode. Research has proven that the best way to write is to just write no matter what it is. During the creative mode you will be encourages to write down everything about your chapter in mind for 15 minutes. You are not able to delete any word and when you stop writing the system will encourage you to do not so. Fourth, Plagiasm is always a high priority topic in scientific essays. Therefore your document will be regulary checked for plagiasm 

Customized Help and Feedback by Professionals

If you need a correct reader we will connect you with one within shortest time. You have only to push a button, mark the parts of your text and give bid for the price. The correct reader will access your document and improve either a single chapter or your whole work. Because of the synchronized processes between you as a writer and the work of the correct reader you will not gain any time loss. In addition, you can just get feedback by another author writing about a similar topic as you.